You can also listen to radio stations online in the browser

We are now so used to getting everything when we want it that you would almost think that radio no longer exists. Until you get into the car, because then there is a good chance that you will hear that one radio station automatically blaring through your speakers again. Then you realize again that you miss that one cozy deejay, or know what is really popular in the Netherlands in terms of music.

Listen online radio

You can of course listen to the radio with an app, but you can also listen to the radio very easily and without obligation in a browser. is a place where that is possible. You choose which channel you want to listen to. So whether you want to hear the deejay-free Skyradio or rather the cozy chatter of the morning show on 538, you don’t need a radio to listen to radio. Not even apps, which makes it an even more accessible medium.

The great thing about listening to the radio is that you are aware of music that is very popular at that moment, as well as the most important news, the weather and where there are traffic jams. The disadvantage is that you often have to listen to commercials and that you cannot listen to certain music when you want. You are simply at the mercy of what the deejay presents to you.

Summit 2000

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Especially now that December is approaching, radio listening will increase enormously again. This is mainly because the Top 2000 attracts many radio listeners every year. This list of 2,000 songs that is compiled by the listeners every year and invariably has songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and November Rain in the top 10, has surprises every year. That one time when viewers voted very highly for the Pokémon song, for example. Despite its many clichés, the top 2000 also offers a current look at the world. For example, we can imagine that this year we will encounter a song by Aaron Carter and Father Abraham in the list. People who have disappeared from us this year and who people want to think about at the end of the year.

The top 2000 is also a radio event that is more accepted in the workplace. Certainly in companies where a radio is always loud, there is often some bickering about the music or the radio station that is chosen: But there is always a moment in the year when people do understand that the top 2000 is just part of it. The traditional Dutch radio event is extra popular because Serious Request has weakened considerably in recent years now that there is no longer a glass house. And how can you listen to the radio more easily than to go to a website in the browser and turn it on over the speakers of your laptop, or if necessary with a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s nice to alternate: listen to your favorite streaming service for the music you like most, and then see if there’s anything new to discover on the radio. Both in the field of music and in the field of weather or world news. It is nice not to have to download a very separate app for this and to be able to go there quickly via the browser. You can also easily switch between radio stations, if there really is a song on the radio that you are not waiting for.

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