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Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced that Shell Plc has been selected as the main automation contractor (MAC) for the construction of its Dutch Hydrogen I plant in the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Dutch Hydrogen I plant will produce renewable hydrogen using electricity from an offshore wind farm and will be Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant once it becomes operational in 2025. In his role as MAC, Yokogawa will optimize operations at the plant by tightly integrating its systems and equipment. .

The Dutch Hydrogen I plant will have a 200 MW electrolyser that will produce up to 60,000 kilograms of green hydrogen per day. The green hydrogen produced at this plant will be piped to the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park in Rotterdam, where it will replace some of the gray hydrogen used at the plant, partially decarbonizing the plant’s production of energy products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. fuel.

Koji Nakaoka, Yokogawa’s vice president and head of the company’s energy and sustainability business headquarters and global sales headquarters, said: “Our company aims to play a leading role in achieving a world in which systems are tightly integrated, based on the system-of-systems (SoS) concept. In the hydrogen supply chain, there are individual systems of functions such as production, pipeline transportation, storage and delivery, each of which belongs to a different entity. By participating in projects that help our customers advance their decarbonization strategies and add value to their enterprises, Yokogawa will continue to work to realize a sustainable society.


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