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Mid-Cap Mutual Fund Category It has returned an average of 4.50% in 2022. However, the top ones in the category have delivered double-digit returns over the same period. The BSE Mid-Cap 150 Total Return Index (TRI), the benchmark in the mid-cap category, gave 5.31% returns.

Many investors, especially new investors, have been accumulating mid-cap and small-cap schemes over the past two years. They are impressed by the high earnings offered by these categories. Mid-cap schemes offer high returns in a bull market. However, these plans lose when the market goes into trouble. That’s what makes these plans so risky and volatile. In the year Mid-cap funds have delivered stellar 46% returns in 2021, compared to 23.6% in the past three years.

In the year By 2022, around 10 schemes in the category have outperformed the benchmark, while 4 schemes have returned in line with the index. Around 18 schemes performed below the benchmark.

In the mid-cap category, only three schemes — Quant Mid Cap Fund (19.61%), HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (14.03%), Motilal Oswal Midcap Fund (13.80%) — delivered double-digit returns, according to the research.

The laggards in this space so far are IDBI Midcap Fund (-1.45%), Axis Midcap Fund (-1.45%), Aditya Birla Sun Life Mid Cap Fund (-1.82%) and DSP Midcap Fund (-2.12%), responding negatively.

Mutual fund managers say managing mid-cap schemes in 2022 will be a tough task. Even with all the known fundamental variables, they say sometimes it’s hard to predict an unknown outlier, which was the case this year. This has affected the stock performance of mid-cap companies. “Given the volatility in the market in 2022, looking for businesses with strong workflows and following the fundamentals of clean balance sheet has helped us to sideline many mixed businesses and focus on good businesses at affordable prices,” said Head Anirudha Naha. Equity, PGIM India Mutual Fund

Despite modest returns, inflows to mutual funds have been steady this mid-year. As of October, the cumulative net inflow into mid-cap mutual fund schemes was over Rs 17,000 crore. Analysts expect a reasonable demand growth at the mid-end and a recovery in margins, which will ultimately result in a reasonable profitable growth for this market capitalization segment.

“Typically, mid-caps perform well when the economy is growing and there is adequate credit for growth. The current scenario is encouraging with fundamentals. Recent underperformance leads to weaker earnings expectations. We expect mid-caps to deliver superior returns in CY2023,” Sanjay said. Chawla, CIO-Equities, Baroda BNP Paribas MF.


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