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Workers and members of the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) in Ondo State on Tuesday protested against lawmakers who opposed the autonomy of local governments in the constitution being reviewed by the National Assembly.

The protest workers who blocked the State House Assembly in Akure have promised that there will be no independence or elections in Ondo State in 2023.

The National Vice President of NULGE, Abimbola Babalola, said the Local Government system should be autonomous and called on the state lawmakers to do the needful by passing the Autonomy Bill.

While pleading with the lawmakers to speed up the process for full local government autonomy, Babalola appealed to Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to desist from pressuring the lawmakers to vote against local government autonomy.

Babalola said there was no reason to pressure the legislators to deny him autonomy since Akeredolu secured the autonomy he sought during the election and voted for a second term.

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Also speaking, the NULGE state president, Bola Taiwo, urged Akeredolu not to follow the path of other states that have opposed autonomy.

Taiwo said the Assemblymen would not be allowed to enter the complex if they did not guarantee the autonomy of the local government.

NULGE officials have threatened to disrupt social, economic and political activities in the state if the assembly refuses to pass the Local Government Autonomy Bill pending before them.

To recall, the House of Congress was pressured by the executive branch to vote against the autonomy of local governments in the new constitution being revised by the National Assembly.

According to a reliable source in the assembly session where the constitutional amendment is being discussed, the majority of the members of the parliament are arguing about whether to remove the autonomy of the local governments.

Holding different placards at the convention complex, NULGE officials said they would reject any lawmaker or party that denied the autonomy of local governments by using their voting power.

Some of the inscriptions on the placards read: “Yes to Independence of the NPC”, “Yes to Independence of the Judiciary”, “Independence, No Vote” and “We Stand on Independence”.



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