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London-based engineering consultancy Wood Thilsted is acting as foundation and offshore substation concept designer for Ocean Winds’ first offshore wind farm in Poland, BC Wind.

Spain-headquartered offshore wind power company Ocean Winds, owned by Engie and Energias de Portugal Renewables (EDPR), is developing the BC Wind offshore wind farm located in Poland’s Baltic Sea Exclusive Economic Zone, approximately 23 km offshore Is.

The project has the capacity to generate up to 399MW of energy through 31 turbines.

Wood Thilstead is working closely with Ocean Wind on both the foundation and offshore substation concept design. Since placement in late June 2022, the focus has been on assessing the best type of foundation for the site considering the challenges of the Baltic Sea, including low temperatures and ice loading.

As part of this work, Wood Thilsted has now opened a dedicated branch in Warsaw, the first in Poland. It has also appointed its first local team members and is recruiting in Poland to support the development of local skills and expertise.

Alastair Muir Wood, CEO and co-founder of Wood Thilsted, said: “We are very pleased to be able to support the development of the Polish offshore wind market with our first project. The Baltic Sea presents a number of design challenges that Wood has to tackle. Thilstead is particularly well positioned, and we look forward to working with Ocean Winds to provide the best solutions for the project.

BC Wind’s construction off the Polish coastline reflects a renewed policy focus from the Polish government over the past few years to increase offshore wind capacity in the Baltic Sea.

BC Wind Project Director Kasper Kostrzewa said: “BC Wind represents a step-change in the development of offshore wind in Poland and working with Wood Thilsted means we not only have the time to deliver this major project have the best expertise but also can work to develop the talent that is in Poland who can work on future projects when they come online.

The BC Wind project is on track to begin commercial operations in 2027.


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