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New Delhi [India]December 24 (ANI/ATK): On December 31, 2022, SATMAT Group of Pune will launch a new app called Beyond Life. BEYOND LIFE IS THE APPLICATION NAME AND IS THE REGISTERED COMPANY NAME OF SKETCHES PVT LTD.

What is more than life?

A program called a lifetime settlement manages all your assets after your death, including mutual funds, stocks and other types of assets.

Just as the name suggests, the Beyond Life software explains that after someone’s sudden death, their loved ones are unable to cope with financial loss because Beyond Life services can reach them, solve their problems and provide the right solutions.

The program will help you handle any financial queries and will monitor your savings, insurance and investments on your behalf.

With Covid-19, many people will be left with no one to distribute their assets, and many families will face financial difficulties even though their core members have assets such as mutual funds, stocks and term insurance. The families do not know all this and did not go through the proper way to claim these properties.

You can register and track all your investments with this app, including mutual funds, real estate, digital gold, cryptocurrency, life insurance and more. The app uses auto-OTP verification every three months and video KYC once a year to ensure that a person is safe and alive. If someone refuses to verify themselves, Beyond’s team will try to reach them by phone. If they are still unsuccessful, the team will contact the candidate by phone or in person at their permanent address. In case of bad news like death, the company starts the proper work to distribute all the assets of the deceased to the candidate.

The Government of India has registered and approved this application. So, all your personal and financial information is safe here. A strict privacy policy has been adopted by the app. You can all rely on this app to be a one-stop shop. According to Mr. Rohit Ugale, “This concept is designed for the first time in history and will help many families.”

SATMAT is designed to transform the banking industry with this software and provide valuable solutions.

A life without risk to you and your loved ones is a life beyond this life, full of proven claims.

Download Beyond Life for Android: (https://play.google.com/store/apps/datasafety?id=com.beyondlife.family & pli=1)

Official Website: (https://www.beyondlife.family)

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