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FOXBORO, MASS. – Mack Jones is confident that Jacoby Meyer can overcome his disastrous mistake in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, the New England Patriots quarterback showed support for Myers, who threw a game Sunday when his running back was picked off by Raiders linebacker Chandler Jones and returned for a walk.

Meyers and running back Ramondre Stevenson, who picked up two first downs, were mocked for making decisions on the play, and Meyers was the victim of that mockery. After the game, the wideout took responsibility for his mistakes and Jones said he looked focused and dedicated since then.

“I think Cobbs is a very routine person, like me,” Jones said. “It’s just that no matter what happens the week before, we run the same schedule. I see him at the same time every day, and every weekend. He is a very routine person and will not let results affect his performance. He’s going to tear it down and do whatever it takes to help the team, as he’s done since he’s been here. He really had a great practice (Wednesday) and I’m proud of how he’s responding. “

Jones was one of the Patriots leaders who supported Myers after Sunday’s 30-24 loss at Allegiant Stadium, calling him “one of the best teammates (he’s) ever had.”

Myers is also one of the Patriots’ best offensive players, leading the team in receiving yards this season despite missing three games due to injuries. The 26-year-old led all New England receivers in receptions and yards in 2020 and 2021.

“That’s what football is,” Jones said Wednesday. “Sometimes when things don’t go your way, you just have to bounce back and I really look at him as a great leader on our team. So he sets a great example and now we’re just preparing for this week. He did a great job. “


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