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Welcome to Billboard Pro’s trendy A column where we take a closer look at the songs, artists, curiosities and trends that have caught the attention of the music industry. Some came out of nowhere, some took months to catch on, and all of them can become ubiquitous in the blink of a TikTok clip.

This week: viewers’ obsession with HBO white lotus goes streaming, one TikTok user’s involvement changes the band’s commercial fortunes, and Mac DeMarco’s fans are emotional over his (highly unconfirmed) retirement.

The listeners are not ready to go white lotus topic

One of the buzziest TV seasons of the year came to a close on Sunday (December 11) with the highly anticipated second season finale of HBO’s intriguing destination drama. white lotus aired. Although none of the show’s dubs—mostly composed of old Italian pop songs appropriate to Sicily—found viral success during the season, the show saw steady gains with its fan-favorite theme song, elegant, lush and composed by Chilean-born Canadian film and television composer Cristóbal Tapia de Veer’s unexpectedly pulsating work.

In the four weeks leading up to the chart week ending Dec. 8, official weekly US requests for the awesome theme (officially titled “Renaissance (Main Title Theme)”) rose from 82,000 to 283,000, according to Luminate — 244 . % hiking. After December 11, viewers rushed to play the song as Lucia played Albie in the finale, with the song’s daily jump of 83% (53,000 to 97,000) on Monday. And yet white lotus The season is over, the interest in the topic may not be there; It just received a new home remix from producer Enamour.

The “Musta Been” TikTok likes that caused Próxima Prada to go viral

For all the random reasons a song can blow up on TikTok, it’s pretty rare that it happens, as one user tells his followers, “Hey, listen to this song.” But it mostly happened with San Luis Obispo, California band Próxima Prada and their suddenly viral song “Musta Been a Ghost,” which user Matt Firestone posted a short clip of in a video called “Songs You Never Have Found Why Life Gets” Indeed Busy Sometimes Part 2.” The video, which was released on Dec. 9, ended up being viewed more than nine million times, pushing “Ghost” from less than 3,000 daily requests in the official US stream to more than 178,000 as of Dec. 12, according to Luminate, 5884 % increase. .

“I love how @fuego.stine (a guy we’ve never met or talked to) made this short, simple video about our song and it went viral,” the band wrote on their Instagram page. “Real people sharing our music with other real people is how we’ve been able to grow slowly but surely. So thank you!”

Fans Are ‘Close To Their Hearts’ With Mac DeMarco Retiring (or Not)

Mac DeMarco has always been good at streaming, but recently the indie singer-songwriter-guitarist’s 2019 track “Heart to Heart” (from Here comes the cowboy) proved particularly explosive, doubling its official weekly US streams over the past two weeks to 939,000, according to Luminate, and even charting on Spotify’s Daily Top Songs USA chart for December 12th and 13th. Search for a song. on TikTok and you’ll find thousands of videos of emotional conversations about the song, with many captions (or users in the comments) whispering about rumors of DeMarco’s departure from music. took over the social network The last few weeks.

Is there any truth in them? Probably not—at least not officially, since DeMarco hasn’t announced anything other than postponed tour dates while he works on his next album, and there’s little information online about his alleged departure beyond anonymous quotes. But it looks like the social media whisper effect has helped him land another viral hit, which would be a nice early retirement gift if and when he decides to hang up his six-string.

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