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The popularity of PDF files has led to the production of various PDF software that help users perform PDF tasks efficiently. At first, we only had Adobe Acrobat for our PDF tasks, but as time went on, we came across a number of PDF software that performed much better than Adobe Acrobat.

There are many defaults in the current Adobe Acrobat that make it incompatible with future technical requirements. I know you might say it doesn’t make sense, but mind you, it does! Adobe Acrobat was the best PDF program, but that was ten years ago. These days, it does not meet the needs of the user. So you want to know about an alternative that works better than Adobe Acrobat. If yes, follow to the end of the article to find out!

What is UPDF?

UPDF is an efficient and comprehensive PDF software that can help you perform PDF tasks with ease. Using UPDF, you can edit all elements in a PDF, including text, images, links, watermarks, and you can annotate, share, encrypt, decrypt, convert PDF to 14 different formats with OCR technology that recognizes 38 languages, and do more Various functions in one place. Follow till the end to get download and special offer.

In addition to UPDF’s top-notch features, the price is low enough that even a student can easily afford it. Not only that, but there is so much more to it! So make sure you visit their website to get complete knowledge about the software.

Why people are looking for Adobe AcrobatAlternative?

When we talk about awarding the title of best PDF software to any program, it’s best to get down to the details and facts about it and the competing software. There are many aspects to competition Adobe Acrobat alternative for Mac.

Yes, UPDF has recently entered the PDF software game, but its functionality, features, and usability make it stand out among PDF software.

So here are some features of Adobe Acrobat that don’t make it the best bet for PDF software.

This is Pricy

Despite its non-user-friendly interface, the price of Adobe Acrobat is relatively high. Adobe Acrobat DC costs up to $155.88 per year, while Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a step up in price at $239.38 per year. Very expensive, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, most of the audience cannot use the paid version of Adobe Acrobat, which is Adobe’s fault! So, most of the audience started switching to alternatives other than Adobe because they have the same features at a lower price.

Limited functions

When you buy PDF software, you’re looking at a limitless reach. You don’t want to buy software that has limited functionality. Would you like? Adobe Acrobat doesn’t have many annotation tools like stickers.

In addition, it only supports limited PDF conversion formats such as Word, PPT, etc., and does not include CSV, BMP, GIF, etc. So Adobe Acrobat is not the best choice for those looking for an all-in-one. functionals.

Compatibility of platforms

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC only supports the Windows platform, which is why most Apple users do not use Adobe Acrobat. Additionally, Android users are also unable to use the software.

However, Pro DC is available on various platforms like Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. Due to the cost, it does not reach the standards set by the audience.

Complex user interface

Unlike other PDF software, Adobe Acrobat’s user interface is quite complex and clumsy. You will see as if you need a technical specialist to use the software. So most people shy away from using software that takes too much time to complete a single task.

Very powerful for fast performance

Adobe Acrobat is a powerful software, but due to the rigidity of the software, you cannot complete tasks quickly. It consumes a lot of time due to which most users switch to other alternatives.

These flaws will help you get a clear vision; Therefore, you should switch to another PDF program.

What is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat?

After concluding that you need a better PDF program than Adobe Acrobat, the question becomes, which would be the best option? No wonder UPDF! No complaints, but the facts lead us to the conclusion that UPDF is the best PDF software to choose. Do you want to know why? Read below to find out what features of UPDF you need to know.

Timely maintenance

UPDF has one of the best developer support ever. They like to solve even small problems and make them as convenient as possible.


UPDF loves to improve and continues to introduce features that will help make PDF software more accessible to users. However, there is no change in pricing plans, making it the best bet!

All-in-One PDF Software

If you want to use PDF software that allows you to perform all tasks like annotation, conversion, editing, encryption, decryption, sharing and PDF optimization in one place, then UPDF meets your standards. This allows you to do all the work in one place, which saves you money and time.

Compatible with various platforms

You can use UPDF on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Plus, the best part is that you can use one account across all platforms. Now, you don’t need to pay separately in different systems to access it, because one account will be enough for you!

User-friendly interface

Unlike Adobe Acrobat, you don’t need in-depth technical knowledge to access the software. The interface is so user-friendly that you can access it conveniently and effortlessly.

Everything from reading PDFs to encrypting PDF files is easy to do; This saves a lot of time and hassle.

Time saving

UPDF allows you to complete tasks at lightning speed, which saves a lot of time. Moreover, you don’t need to redo your tasks because UPDF completes tasks once and for all with precision.

final thoughts

Despite the high-end features and many benefits, UPDF’s price plan is much more affordable. You can download UPDF for free to try and Get UPDF Pro with a 56% discount for a limited time. Up to 56% off and get an additional free lifetime license of PDF Password Remover tool.

Adobe Acrobat was once a powerful and high-end PDF program. But in recent years we have seen a decline in its performance. So you should switch to a PDF program that meets modern standards, such as UPDF. It allows you to perform all tasks in one place, including editing, annotation, conversion, encryption, OCR conversion, decryption, sharing, reading and more.

Moreover, UPDF’s pricing plan is very affordable, making it a better option than Adobe Acrobat.


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