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I bought a new Mac Book Air at my local Apple Store. When I presented my old 2019 Mac Book Pro that was sold to me as a “new, special order” by the Simply Mac store, the Apple Store rejected it as a trade-in on the grounds that its serial number was “Device Enhancement Program “, which meant it belonged to some corporate entity, probably a business!! I was completely surprised because when I bought a Mac Book Pro in July 2019, I had to wait 2 weeks for “shipping from Apple”. I left my old laptop with them and paid extra to transfer my data and set up a new computer. So I’ve never seen a “new” computer in its factory box, but I trusted Simply Mac that they weren’t lying!! Unfortunately, Simply Mac has gone belly up (poetic justice!!) so there will be no setup. But I’m wondering, since the Apple Store won’t accept it, does anyone have any suggestions for selling a used Mac? I’m a bit of an argument about these mail order deals because once they get your computer it’s easy for them to hack you. And what’s up with Apple refusing to trade in even if it was an (unknown) “used” computer? If it’s in good condition (which it is), and I have a bill of sale showing that I paid for it (which I do), it should be eligible for trade as far as I can see!


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