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Macaroni and cheese is a classic comfort food that almost everyone enjoys. It can be a dish in its own right or a great side to a larger meal. This pasta can be a blank canvas for many other ingredients, from meat and bacon to spices and vegetables.

if you like macky Tasting table Found the best mac and cheese in every state. The website says, “From good Southern comfort food to gastropub-heavy skillet creations, there are no rules for America’s favorite macaroni and cheese. Prepare to take your taste buds on a road trip from Maine’s lobster mac with mascarpone to California’s Hawaiian macaroni. with pineapple.”

According to the authors, Wood Shop BBQ Serving the best macand cheese in Washington State! Here’s why they chose it:

This Texas-inspired restaurant and butcher shop in Seattle is the king of meat. And while the smoked onions in the fall are unmatched, the mac and cheese bowls are a must. The Wood Shop hosts four different macs and meat-focused bowls, including brisket. , pulled pork, smoked chicken, chili maca, and even has a vegetarian ‘Portobello Machaca’. Pickled red onions and homemade barbecue sauce play a role in nearly every selection, rounding out the flavor profile of classic Texas barbecue. Although you can buy one bowl, it’s better if you buy by the pound. this is very good.”


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