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The next-generation Mac Pro ultra-powerful desktop is running behind schedule, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

The Mac Pro, which you may know as the “cheese grater” because of its perforated metal chassis, is the remaining Apple Mac product without the Apple Silicon processor option.

Given that Apple originally estimated that it would transfer all Macs from Intel Silicon for about two years, the Mac Pro should probably have had its refresh by now. So what’s up?

Writing in his weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman cites changes in features, potential manufacturing locations and a shift in Apple’s high-end processing strategy based on how much he believes consumers are willing to pay.

With the latter in mind, Gurman says Apple has canned the proposed Mac Pro with an “M2 Extreme” (his terminology) chip that would effectively be a “double M2 Ultra” chip. Given that the M2 Ultra can have 24 CPU cores, 76 graphics cores and a maximum of 192GB of memory, the Extra could double those specs to 48 CPUs and 152 GPUs.

Gurman writes: “But here’s the bad news: The company has likely scrapped the top-end configuration, which may disappoint Apple’s most demanding users—photographers, editors, and programmers who appreciate this kind of computing power.

Apple has decided to save those manufacturing resources for cars that are expected to sell in higher volumes, the report said. Gurman says Apple is also concerned about the expected cost of the M2 Extreme-based Mac Pro, as it will cost around $10,000 at the base level.

When it finally arrives, the Apple Silicon Mac Pro will likely bundle the M2 Ultra, which we imagine will still cost a pretty penny. Users will also be able to customize it with “additional memory, storage and other components,” according to a Gourmand newsletter.


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