Westworld: HBO pulls the plug from the series before a dignified end

It costs a lot of money to make and there aren’t enough viewers, which is why HBO is pulling the plug. Westworld is no more. A pretty mean and hard stop, because the last season we got to watch is actually the last we’ll see of Westworld.

Westworld cancelled

The series was canceled even before a fifth season could come which could really be the end. Painful, because there are still some loose ends that we would have liked to see tied up. HBO doesn’t let emotion win, however: it cancels the sci-fi series after the fourth season apparently failed to get the right numbers again, Variety writes.

Westworld has a pretty turbulent past. It all started with a film that was quite brilliant, but also old: 1973. With the technology of the new millennium, Westworld could be portrayed much better, and it does. HBO put a lot of money into it, but to no avail. After a very strong start in which we are introduced to the science fiction world of Westworld (a western meets robots), it soon went downhill.

Sci-fi series on HBO Max

It is special, because the series was initially much discussed. It had those Game of Thrones-esque fanatics following every episode closely. In its four seasons, it even received 54 Emmy nominations (!) and won 9. What’s great about this series is that it unites the old with the ultra-new: people in Westworld also enjoy robots as much as they know fears. That’s what makes this series so recognizable, even if we don’t walk around with cowboy hats right now.

Westworld was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, a married couple who are extremely creative. Unfortunately, those creative excesses were not always appreciated. The couple did have a plan for the end, but now they don’t get the chance to actually carry it out.


The advantage is that they may now be able to end in a different way, but it is of course very unfortunate that the series remains so unmade. Unless, of course, another streaming service takes off with the rights, if that’s possible. Netflix sometimes has a hand in this: it also took over Cobra Kai from YouTube.

On the other hand, there are also many viewers who think that the fourth season was a good ending. Either way, it’s bad news for the series. But don’t be too mad at HBO. It certainly hasn’t ruined your HBO Max subscription: it has had major successes with Euphoria, House of the Dragon, the second season of The White Lotus and the release of the video game-based series The Last of Us in January.


Enough to watch, but no dark dystopian stories as we know from Nolan and Joy. Although, not on HBO Max: they are now working together on a series based on the game Fallout at Amazon Prime Video.

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