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The modern investor can invest their money in a variety of ways, from government-sponsored programs to the stock market to mutual funds. Investors in the stock market and mutual funds get more returns than government schemes and bank FDs. Long-term investments involve some degree of risk, but have the potential for high rewards for those willing to ride it out.

If you need Rs 10 crore in ten years, mutual funds can be useful. SIP is widely recognized by industry experts as a viable option for such cumulative strategic investment. Let’s find out how much you should deposit every month and which type of corpus you should choose to have a huge amount equivalent to 10 crores in the next ten years.

According to Mint, Fintu founder and CA Manish P. Hinger advises investors under 30 to invest in moderate risk equity mutual funds. Estimated monthly SIP Rs. 1.4 lakh over a 10-year period is required to make 12% return on an Equity Mid Cap fund. This will result in a deposit of around 3.2 million rupees.

Further, if Rs 1.6 crore is invested in Equity Small Cap Fund every month, Rs 4.4 crore will be paid into the account, assuming a return of 15% per annum. Almost 10 Crore Rupees is what you will be holding in your hands.

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Some of the best large-cap funds include Quant Focused Fund, ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund, HDFC Index Fund, S&P BSE Sensex Plan, and Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund, say industry experts. Among the top-performing mid-cap funds, Axis Mid Cap Fund and Kotak Emerging Equity Fund stand out.


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