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New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones has kept his emotions under wraps in recent weeks. On more than one occasion, Jones was clearly frustrated with the team’s continued problems on offense.

Jones first made headlines for his sideline tirade when the Patriots lost to the Buffalo Bills. He dropped a scathing F-bomb that was heard loud and clear over the airwaves during the team’s Week 14 win over the Arizona Cardinals. His body language in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders did not exude positivity.

Jones spoke about his emotions Wednesday, saying “the best players on every team” show that kind of passion. But if you ask Patriots great Vince Wilfork, it’s time for Jones to rest.

“I’m tired of it, honestly. I’m tired of it,” Wilfork said game plan About Jones’ outbursts. “You’re the leader of this team. You’re the quarterback. So you can’t be frustrated every week, every game. I don’t care if you’re calling a play late or whatever. At the end of the day, you’ve got to have some composure because you’re on board. You drive. You’re the master of the ship when you’re out there. … Control what you can control. That’s what you can do. But I’m tired of watching him shoot.

“We’ll take it. Because at the end of the day, not everyone plays the way they can. It is what it is. Everyone, including him. So I’m not going to throw it all at him. But at this point, I’m tired of seeing it , I think a lot of other people are tired of seeing it.”

Wilfork isn’t the only former Patriot who feels this way. Julian Edelman criticized Jones for his “bad looks” and “goofing around after shows”.

Jones and the Patriots hope the negativity doesn’t get in the way of their must-win Week 16 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. Kickoff is set for Saturday at 1:00 PM ET.

You can hear everything Wilfork had to say about Jones and the Patriots on The Gameplan below:


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