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Addresses the birth anniversary of Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya of Gujarat Central University

Gujarat: Lt Governor Manoj Sinha said on Friday that university campuses are networks of ideas that generate nation-building human capital.

Sinha made the announcement while attending the birth anniversary celebrations of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya at Gujarat Central University.

According to an official press release, the LG paid tribute to Malaviya, calling him “the greatest educator, thinker, freedom fighter and proponent of a new model of education based on ancient wisdom and modern science”.

“Mahamana (Malawiya) has always envisioned the education and campus as a platform for social change and economic growth. As a pioneer of technical education and industrial development, he focused on a knowledge-based economy to bring about a historic transformation in Indian society,” added Sinha.

“I believe that university campuses are networks of ideas and aspirations for a truly inclusive society. “These networks of ideas create the human resources that shape the nation, and the capacity to achieve sustainable development provides unlimited opportunities for all,” LG said.

“Rapid changes are taking place in society and economy due to environmental, technical and scientific progress and globalization. We can transform the future by harnessing new knowledge creation, the digital revolution, diverse student development and innovative policy responses,” he noted.

“We have become the 5th largest economic power in the world because every sector is working together. By engaging people from all disciplines and encouraging them to work together, we can positively spread ideas across universities,” he added.

The more people from different fields come together and have a unified vision of the future, the stronger our resolve to strengthen the education system, shape the nation, and solve social problems, LG said.

“In the last decade, we faced the challenges of the digital divide, but now the gap is slowly closing. However, society and the education system will face the challenge of motivational fragmentation in the future,” he said.

The LG emphasized the need to inspire students and institutions to promote science, technology and innovation to bridge the motivation gap. “The future will only belong to these universities who will work with students from various fields with enthusiasm and enthusiasm to implement their ideas on the ground,” he added.

UTZZ spoke about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to “renovate the education system” through the National Education Policy to develop an ecosystem where student engagement, innovation, incubation, curiosity, and knowledge-based social and economic growth can complement each other.

The LG also referred to the youth of J&K who are contributing to several flagship programs and initiatives of the Metropolitan Government to promote women entrepreneurship, protection of tangible and intangible heritage, film policy, smart city projects of Jammu and Srinagar. change and other priority sectors.

The Govt interacted with the faculty and students of the department and urged them to follow the values ​​and ideology of Malaviya and work for social welfare and upliftment of the society.

He also lauded the efforts of Gujarat Central University to encourage students to contribute to the nation’s development.


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