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December 14, 2022 —

Dr. Marolo Alfaro has been awarded the 2022 Roger Jay Brown Award for outstanding contributions to permafrost science or engineering by the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS). Dr. Alfaro, a professor of civil engineering, accepts the award as team leader during the awards gala night in 75th Annual Canadian Geotechnical Conference held in Calgary, Alberta in October this year. Other members of the team are Dr. Earl Marvin de Guzmán (former UM doctoral student), Mr. Aaron Pylmsley (former UM master’s student), Dr. Lucas Arenson, and Dr. Guy Doré (both latter assistant professors and research associates). .

The prize was established in 1986 and is awarded to Roger JE Brown (1931–1980), a noted Canadian physical geographer and researcher in the field of permafrost. Dr. Brown spent his entire career from 1953 with the Building Research Division of the National Research Council of Canada. Among other things, he produced the first map on the distribution of permafrost in Canada, published in 1967, and the first Canadian book on permafrost, “Permafrost in Canada: Its Impact on Northern Development”, published in 1970.

Dr. Alfaro is doing incredible work in this area and has previously been awarded the Geosynthetics Award by CGS in 2019. The award was given for his outstanding contribution to the application of geosynthetics in civil, geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering. He has also recently been appointed as the Chair of the Canadian Geotechnical Research Board for 2022-25, a position he is well suited for as the board’s mandate is to promote research in the geotechnical and geosciences fields, monitoring and promoting. Profession and Canada.

On behalf of the Price Faculty of Engineering, we congratulate Dr. Alfaro for his outstanding work and research contributions. The Roger JE Brown Award is an honor that Dr. Alfaro and his team truly deserve, and the work they do is incredibly valuable to the engineering community.


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