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The layoffs at Twitter continue despite having already laid off thousands of employees. as posted on Twitter And from a former public policy employee at LinkedIn, Twitter cut half of its public policy team. TechCrunch sought comment from both the former employee and Twitter but could not immediately confirm the exact magnitude of these cuts.

Twitter also laid off some infrastructure engineers via email on Friday. Across Twitter, it is estimated that around 75% of employees have either opted to leave or have been furloughed since Elon Musk took ownership of the company in October.

Public policy staffer Theodora Skadas, who posted that she was fired, said she was responsible for managing the Trust and Safety Council, which was disbanded last week.

Formed in 2016, the group weighed in on issues related to human rights such as content moderation and removal of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), suicide prevention and online safety. Skadas also worked to develop policies around CSAM and mental health issues.

Days after three key members walked out and published an open letter, the Trust and Safety Council was shut down.

The letter states, “We are announcing our resignation from Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council because research evidence clearly shows that, contrary to Elon Musk’s claims, the safety and well-being of Twitter users is declining.” “

Composed of approximately 100 independent researchers and activists, the remaining council members information That the group would be disbanded because it didn’t sound like the best system for Twitter to gain outside insight.

Musk has said that addressing the issue of CSAM “Priority # 1,” but he has yet to take action to follow through on that commitment. He also previously told a panel of civil rights leaders that he would ban users until there was a transparent process for doing so. would refrain from reinstatement, but he broke that promise.


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