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Following the worst game of Mack Jones’ NFL career, New England Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown shared a social media post with a quote from ESPN’s Bill Barnwell talking about the quarterbacks the team is expected to keep in 2023.

Of course, one of the quarterbacks was the greatest of all time, Tom Brady, and the other was Brady’s former backup and current San Francisco 49er Jimmy Garoppolo.

“The Patriots should at least call Brady’s people to ask if he wants to return to New England to finish his career. … They could also pursue Garoppolo,” the post said.

In Instagram likes, Brown’s profile was shown as liking the post.

No one is saying it’s wrong for Brown to want the Patriots to force other options. The jury is still out on whether Jones is rightfully the future face of the franchise.

But endorsing such a post doesn’t do much good when Jones is still his teammate and the Patriots’ starting quarterback. That’s all assuming Brown has sole control of the social media account as well.

If he didn’t like it, he might come out and say as much. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and Brown’s endorsement of the post doesn’t speak to his faith in Jones at quarterback.


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