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Ørsted has taken a Final Investment Decision (FID) to build FlagshipONE, Europe’s largest production facility for green fuel for the shipping industry. TopoSe will provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPF) for the e-methanol technology of the project.

Sundus Cordelia Ramley, member of the Board of Directors of Liquid Wind and CCO for Power-to-X at Topsoe, said: “The shipping industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide (CO2).2) accounting for 3% globally. We are proud to be part of a consortium that actively brings together very capable players to bring this figure down. We look forward to bringing our time-tested methanol technology to this innovative context and supporting the decarbonization of the shipping industry with Ørsted, a leader in renewable energy.

Anders Nordström, COO of Ørsted P2X, said: “Ørsted is determined to lead the green transformation of society, and that is exactly what we are doing by building a project like the flagship. We believe that e-methanol will be instrumental in bringing will play a role in reducing carbon emissions from the marine industry, and with key partners such as Topso, we are working hard to make that vision a reality”.

According to the IEA’s net zero-scenario for 2050, the shipping industry needs to reduce its emissions by around 15% from 2021 to 2030. The agency points to both technological innovation, supportive policies and collaboration across the value chain to enable the low to be developed and deployed. Carbon fuels in industry.

FlagshipPhone is a project that does exactly that. The project will capture biogenic CO2 (CCU) and combine it with hydrogen made from renewable electricity and water to produce renewable methanol, or e-methanol. This versatile, liquid fuel is carbon neutral and easy to store, transport and use, and production from the flagship will go to the marine sector.

Topo’s expertise in both process technology and catalysts will ensure high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. At its EPF, Topso will supply its e-methanol technology, the so-called e-methanol loop, as well as pre-assembled modules for the facility and free-standing equipment such as methanol reactors and distillation columns.

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