Top performing stock funds of 2022 | Jobs Vox

In 2022, only five of the 548 U.S. stock funds covered by Morningstar analysts posted positive returns. That represents an achievement in a year when the overall stock market has fallen more than 20%, Morningstar News reporter Kathryn Lynch wrote in a blog post this week. Compare the performance to 2019, 2020 and 2021, when many mutual funds reported annual gains of 20% or more.

Rising inflation, rising interest rates and fears of a recession have sent much of the market into negative territory this year. Only the energy and utilities sectors posted positive returns, while the communications services and technology sectors underperformed.

These trends have tended to favor value funds, including dividend funds, and funds focused on fast-growing stocks.

Three- and five-year high-performing returns were more interesting to investors. Thanks to great achievements over the years, some growth funds have managed to gain top positions on the platform.

Check out the gallery for the best performers for 2022, as well as five and three years for the money. Morningstar analysts grade performance using bronze, silver or gold-rated mutual funds, and each fund’s lowest-cost share class.

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