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An electronic board showed the closing sign of South Korea's benchmark Kospi in the trading room of Hana Bank's headquarters in Seoul on Friday.  (Yonhap)

An electronic board showed the closing sign of South Korea’s benchmark Kospi in the trading room of Hana Bank’s headquarters in Seoul on Friday. (Yonhap)

The 10 most popular stocks among Korean retail investors, including tech titan Samsung Electronics, Internet giants Naver and Kakao, have all had negative returns this year, with shares falling on fears of a recession.

Among the top 10 most purchased stocks by individual investors in Korea are Samsung Electronics, Naver, Kakao, Samsung Electronics, SK hynix, Doosan Energy, Kakao Bank, EcoPro BM, LG Electronics, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. shares entered. The stocks have all posted negative returns this year and were down an average of 19.23 percent as of Friday’s close.

Tech titan Samsung Electronics, a favorite among investors in retail stocks here, closed at 59,500 won ($45.42) on Friday, 7.9 percent below the average purchase price this year of 64,605 ​​won.

The difference between Naver and Kakao’s closing price and average purchase price was minus 23.6 percent and minus 27.9 percent, respectively.

On the other hand, five of the top 10 stocks bought by foreign investors and institutional investors have positive returns.

The biggest foreign-owned stocks with positive returns were Samsung SDI with a return of 9.9 percent, LG Chem at 7.8 percent, KT&G at 14.1 percent, Hanwha Solution at 13.4 percent, and Classys at 3.9 percent.

For institutional investors, LG Energy Solution averaged 4.6 percent, Celltrion 2.6 percent, Hanwha Solution 13.3 percent, CS Wind 20.1 percent, and Samsung Biologics 1.3 percent.

The average return on the top 10 stocks bought by foreign investors was 1.42 percent, while that of institutional investors was minus 1.26 percent.

Shares of major companies, including Naver and Kakao, fell as the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates and fears of a global recession weighed on local stock markets.

As of Friday, Samsung Electronics led the way, though its market value fell from 467 trillion won to 355 trillion won by the end of 2021. LG Energy Solution took the second place, and SK hynix took the third place.

IT companies suffered huge losses. Naver, which was ranked 3rd last year, dropped to seventh place, and Kakao, which was ranked 5th, dropped to ninth place.

Battery-related stocks have performed well, with LG Energy Solution maintaining its No. 2 market position since its stock market debut in January. Samsung SDI and battery materials supplier LG Chem ranked fifth and sixth, respectively, as of the end of 2021.

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