This is how it is with sharing location on Instagram

Instagram claims it does not share accurate location of its users with others. That means your friends can’t see exactly where you are.

Location on Instagram

Here were some concerns that have gone completely viral, prompting Instagram to release a statement about what exactly it is doing with that accurate location. It is remarkable that this is necessary, because the claims were mainly about the big competitor TikTok. Here it was claimed that you could find out the location of a particular Instagram user. This would, for example, give stalkers and criminals free rein.

Fortunately, it now appears that that location is not being disclosed, which should probably also reassure certain influencers. They were afraid that all their possessions would end up on the street. Incidentally, it is not necessarily a setting that Instagram itself has anything to do with, it is in the operating systems of Apple and Android. This gives you more control over which apps are allowed to see your accurate location, a setting that has existed within Apple gadgets since 2020.


That accurate location appears to be only used by the social medium to determine which geotags may be added. So only for Instagram’s robot eyes; not for your friends.

Are you in doubt? Then just turn off your location. Instagram will not demand it of you, so especially if you are afraid of stalking or cyber criminals, you would do well to completely disable your phone location.

It is not surprising that a social medium shares location with friends; Snapchat has been doing it for years. However, that is very clear about it and you can also turn it off. Instagram isn’t like that. Although it is questionable how long that will take: it often imitates the competition.

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