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LG's Artcool Gallery air conditioner is mounted on a gray sofa against a gray wall.

Home appliances once existed status symbol often become the center of life room, but consumers now tend to prefer gadgets and chains that disguise themselves in Instagram-friendly spaces. This includes now wall mounted air conditionerWhat is LG? save Not visible behind the LCD art screen.

LG’s Artcool Gallery air conditioner itself isn’t new, but previous versions of the product featured a picture frame on the front where users could swap out printed artwork or photos at will. You can even fill it with air A piece of wallpaper will integrate the device into an already decorated wall. The Artcool Gallery line also features a unique square and flat design (most wall-mounted AC units are still long and narrow), It protrudes from the wall to reveal vents that facilitate airflow and cooling.

LG today unveiled the latest version of its Artcool Gallery air conditioner. It now features a 27-inch square LCD panel on the front, and the company’s ThinQ mobile app lets you easily change the screen image without having to physically replace the artwork. LG promises that “users can choose from an ever-growing selection of beautiful, still and animated images,” but the air conditioner’s screen can also be used as a giant digital photo frame that revolves around users’ personal photos. Can it be used as a TV? to deliver content? The 1:1 ratio is not ideal, and LG prefers to direct consumers to buy a separate TV.

The Artcool Gallery uses dual inverter compressors that help reduce white noise and provide good air compensation. LG says the unit offers “3-way indirect airflow” so it doesn’t blast cold air at anyone standing in front of it, but that’s not a big deal. etc. is the result of unit design no front vents. Air can only be pushed out from the side.

As this is a pre-CES 2023 announcement, LG is holding off on pricing and availability details for the new units until next month’s show in January. But no matter how small it looks, it won’t be cheap portable as well AC unit installed in the window, since It requires a separate unit on the outside and requires installation rather than just opening a window and bringing it inside.


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