These jobs become important for building a metaverse

Meta may create thousands of jobs in Europe for building its metaverse: it is not very obvious that you will work there as a developer. There are many more metaverse initiatives, some of which are already live. The metaverse is one of the great upcoming internet greats, it is said. Do you think so? You can build it yourself. These jobs are essential in developing a metaverse.


Some experts estimate that the metaverse will be worth $13 trillion by 2030. There are also experts who say it will never get off the ground. Yet there are already metaverses that are extremely popular. Roblox is an example of this, but also Decentraland, for example. All kinds of jobs are needed to build those metaverses. Here are the key jobs for creating the metaverse:

UX and UI designers

If there’s one thing that’s going to be important in the metaverse, it’s that the user experience has to be great. Certainly if we soon start with VR glasses on a virtual life, you must be able to easily get through menus and understand what the intention is. This is what UI and UX designers are for. They help make your experience as a user a lot more pleasant through clear communication and design that works logically.

3D artists

Precisely because virtual reality is becoming so important, we need to move much more from a 2D world to a 3D world. Think of it like video games: that world also completely changed when the first 3D models came on the scene. When you walk through a metaverse in VR, you can walk around objects and you do not want them to look like a flat pancake, but 3D, just like in real life. The same goes for other people’s avatars, for example. As an extension of 3D artists, special VR designers are also needed, who unite 3D modeling and storytelling to create immersive worlds.


Software developers are needed to code the entire metaverse together. In any case, the profession of developer has been extremely popular for years (thanks the internet!) and that will not change with this new form of internet. The worlds that 3D artists create or envision, the developer must be able to build.

AI engineers

Artificial intelligence will also play a major role in the metaverse, because it allows you to get good recommendations, but also thinks about ways to automate, so that certain functions within the metaverse no longer have to be done by people. AI also lets you search through a huge amount of data in one go. Handy if artificial intelligence is also fully involved in the metaverse.

Jobs for the metaverse

Once the metaverse has been built further, many other jobs will be needed, such as security and biometrics experts. Later on, there will be other jobs involved in the metaverse, such as people from advertising agencies for commercial opportunities, but maybe also people who help style your avatar. But maybe there will also be a kind of metaverse pastors and philosophers. People walking your virtual dog Metaverse police and Metaverse judges. It can go in many directions, but first those metaverses have to be built and people with an IT background are especially needed for this.

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