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Investing news and trends
A stock market indicator with one of the best track records has rare good news for investors.

U.S. households have reduced their stock ownership, which is the opposite sign of bullishness. Read more

While retail investors are dumping equity funds and ETFs, large institutional investors are buying. That’s a shame for the market.

The behavior of retail investors is a good contrarian indicator. Read more

If you thought a Santa Claus parade was coming to the stock market, here’s how to play it.

The S&P 500 has a good long-term track record for rising around the holidays. Read more

End of the year predictions are worthless. This is the reason.

The nail in the coffin with 2023 predictions. Read more

What the end of the stock market’s ‘FANG-era’ means for ETFs.

The S&P 500’s ‘FANG-era’ is coming to an end, with the waning influence of Big Tech stocks in the exchange-traded fund industry, strategists say. Read more

MarketWatch’s Stocks of the Year 2022: Warren Buffett, Oil and the 120% Return

A sea change in the industry and a major investment by Berkshire Hathaway have helped fuel Occidental Petroleum’s shares. Read more

The fall in Tesla stock was bad. But this company has wiped out more investors’ wealth in 2022.

Despite Elon Musk’s Twitter distractions, Tesla ranks fourth among the S&P 500 stocks in terms of market-value decline in 2022. Read more

11 High Dividend Stocks That Are Wall Street’s Favorites for 2023

High production can mean high risk – the list includes energy partnerships and business development companies. Read more

A new study says the bear market won’t end as long as the VIX does.

Most bear markets end in deep despair for stock investors. Read more

When China reopens, it will own 13 consumer and Internet stocks

Chinese are ready to spend on fast food, ecommerce platforms and luxury goods. Read more

To hedge or not to hedge?

The direction of interest rates in 2023. Read more

When your favorite team loses, the stock market seems like a no-win game

The World Cup Finals show that sports sentiment influences investment decision-making. Read more

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