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Why the Stock Market’s Painful December Decline Will Really Be Foolish for Investors in 2023

US stocks usually do better after the second half of December. Read more

An indicator used by successful bond-fund managers tells about the direction of interest rates.

The copper-gold ratio helps explain investors’ risk exposure. Read more

Best Stock Picks for 2023: Here are Wall Street analysts’ favorite picks

A slowdown in inflation and a policy stance by the Federal Reserve could set up a year of recovery for stocks. Read more

It’s the only stock market forecast for 2023 you need to know.

Analysts’ view is ‘more about marketing than marketing’. Read more

Expect 2023 predictions from Wall Street

A few forecasters went back and reassessed how their previous forecasts fared. Read more

The ‘risky behavior’ of young investors is driven by tips on YouTube and Reddit.

New research reveals activity involving options, crypto, meme stocks and margin loans for under-35s Read more

The technical indicators of the stock market are negative in what is said to be a strong period.

Strong rallies are gone, a bad sign for investors. Read more

This momentum-stock strategy is likely to be a winner regardless of the Federal Reserve’s prevots.

A strategy that holds increasing stocks has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 over the long term. Read more

The next level of ESG is the labor rights policy, says the CEO of the largest sustainability-investing group

The pandemic has brought labor issues to light, said Lisa Wall of the US SIF Foundation. Read more

‘It’s about making her heard’: Women find many financial advisers lack this key skill.

70% of women fire their male financial advisor within a year of their death. Read more

‘I’m sure there are men who are great mentors.’ But here it is number 1 because women often prefer to talk about money with another woman.

Are female investors better off hiring a female financial planner? Read more

He should not have lived more than 2 years. Now a 40-year-old financial planner, he says: ‘I just wanted to work in investments.’

Muscular dystrophy has not stopped Jonathan Grison from pursuing his career goals. Read more

This irresistible stock trading strategy is gone – and it’s not coming back.

The so-called index effect – when a stock rises or falls from being added to or removed from an index – no longer exists. Read more

You may be looking at high-quality stocks in this segment of the market.

Mark Fisher of Royce Investment Partners outlines his approach to picking stocks that analysts don’t follow. Read more


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