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New England Patriots offensive lineman Trent Brown Made recently The mysterious move with social media, according to Dov Kleiman. Brown liked a post from ESPN citing a quote from Bill Barnwell saying Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo could be QB options for New England.

“The Patriots should still call Brady’s people to ask if he wants to come back to New England to finish his career,” Barnwell said. They could also pursue Garoppolo.

In the end, it was just likes on social networks. It’s possible that Brown’s decision to like the picture means nothing at all. But Brown may also be trying to send a key message to the Patriots.

Patriots quarterback Mack Jones has endured his share of struggles in 2022. He threw for just under 2,300 yards on the season. However, Jones only threw 7 passes compared to 8 interceptions. New England entered this year with high hopes for a young quarterback. But not everything went according to plan without question.

Mack Jones was clearly frustrated during the Patriots’ last game. Offensive lineman Matthew Patrica commented on Jones’ rant.

“Mac and I are – I know he wants to win and he’s doing everything he can, as are we all,” Patricia said. “So that’s great.”

The Patriots are still 7-7 on the season. However, one has to wonder what their record would be like if they had better production from the QB position.

It will be interesting to see if Trent Brown explains his mysterious Instagram like.


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