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Delhi continues to grapple with worsening air quality in the midst of the peak pollution season, but crucial government orders to control and reduce the city’s air pollution due to be issued by the chief secretary in October are yet to come. Read the official announcement, which has not been released.

This shocking hiatus by the Kejriwal government comes after Environment Minister Gopal Rai’s inexplicable failure to clear the file related to such an order for about a month due to gross and criminal dereliction of duty. Such unfounded and unwarranted resentment among the people of Delhi had a detrimental effect on the city’s air quality in November. It was largely avoidable, an official statement said. Based on the orders of the State Supreme Court dated November 4 and November 6, 2019, and the orders of the National Security Agency dated November 4 and November 6, 2019 respectively, to the General Secretary and officials issued the above order aimed at taking and implementing the necessary measures in the field of reducing air pollution. On August 8, the Chief Secretary submitted the file for issuing this order to the Minister of Environment and then to the LG on October 22 for approval.

“But the minister sat on the file till November 17 for unknown reasons and instead of forwarding it to the LG, he returned it to the chief secretary without any observations. The file was again sent back by the chief secretary. This time to the LG- d directly and has since received approval from the LG,” the statement said. It can be noted that during this intervening period, especially two weeks in November, the city-wide heavy, heavy, AQI level remains in the very poor/poor area. The Secretary-General’s order was binding on agencies. / to strengthen the responsibility of officials, regulate and reduce air pollution caused by S&D, spraying water on dust and pollution sources, road repair and maintenance, closing factories in non-compliant areas, open burning of biomass, solid waste, overloading of vehicles, use of valid PUCC, PNG and restriction of DG package.” What makes this whole story disgusting and totally unacceptable is that if the government had released these, the people of Delhi could have been saved from suffering. They were still busy campaigning and politicizing the dangerous ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign with no scientific evidence to reduce it,” read the statement. According to an official release, the LG, while approving the urgent proposal, expressed grief and displeasure at the AAP government’s gross negligence of its duty to the people of Delhi and asked it to be conveyed to the CM and Environment. Minister. Finally, the much-delayed order is now expected to be issued. (ANI)

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