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In recent weeks, we’ve seen some unreleased Mac hardware through Geekbench test results. Now, an unreleased Mac pair has surfaced in another database: the Steam Hardware and Software Survey for November. This comes as Apple is expected to release updated versions of the MacBook Pro and Mac Studio in early 2023.

New M2 Macs coming soon

Every month, Steam publishes data showing what kind of computer hardware and software its players are using. This includes things like operating system versions, specification data, and more. In general, these results are not of much interest to the general public, but November’s results are particularly interesting because of these unreleased Macs.

As first noticed by A MacRumors The November survey results show two unreleased Macs with model identifiers “Mac14,6” and “Mac15,4”. The usage of these Macs is listed at “0.00%”, which means they are not widely used at all. Instead, a very, very small number of Apple engineers are likely testing the gaming performance of these Macs using the Steam software.

The identifier “Mac14,6” has recently been found several times in Geekbench test results. The results are believed to be representative of the M2 Max chip, with a single-core score of 2027 and a multi-core score of 14888 in a single test. In another leaked Geekbench result, the M2 Max chip scored 1853 on single core and 13855 on multi-core.

On the other hand, we haven’t yet seen the “Mac15,4” identifier anywhere but this Steam data. It’s likely that this model number refers to another unreleased M2-powered Mac, such as a new version of Mac Studio or another MacBook model.

Apple is said to be planning to introduce several new Macs in 2023. This includes the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Studio and the long-awaited Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro. There have also been reports of a new version of the Mac mini with the M2 chip inside.

As for the M2 Max chip, it will likely power the new MacBook Pro and high-end versions of the entry-level Mac Studio model. The base model MacBook Pro is expected to be powered by the M2 Pro chip. The M2 chip, which powers the 2022 MacBook Air and the latest iPad Pro, is only 11% faster than the M1, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the M2 Pro and M2 Max line aren’t major upgrades to its Compared to the predecessor.

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