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We all know December is the season for deals, but you might be surprised to know that Best Buy topped the list every week with some of the best deals we’ve seen all year, leaving competitors like Amazon and Walmart in the dust. They have achieved this through short-lived super sales and amazing deals that disappear as quickly as they arrived. For example, check out this jaw-dropping proposal $730 off (opens in new tab) 48 inch LG OLED A2 Series Smart TV Price. That’s more than 50 percent off and one of the best smart TV deals on the web today.

The 48-inch version of the Smart TV normally costs around $1,299.99, so this sale works out to $569.99. down to the more affordable price of the dollar. This makes the A2 one of the cheapest OLED TVs on the market, and you get all the premium specs it packs. I’m talking about the sleek, ultra-thin bezel design, amazing picture quality, and hands-free LG Magic Remote. And you’ll feel the power of the α7 Gen5 AI processor. It intelligently adjusts your audio and images in real-time, allowing you to watch content the way you want.

Get $730 off LG OLED TVs this Christmas


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