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The Osun State Government has said that the Sure-P Fund belonging to local governments in the state remains intact and safe.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by the spokesman of the state governor, Olawale Rasheed.

The statement accused Adele of using Sure-P funds to buy bags of rice for members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

However, the government denied the allegations that only the members of the Democratic People’s Party would benefit from the rice distribution and that money from the Sure-P fund had been diverted, describing it as a “shameless lie”.

Regarding the alleged transfer of funds, the government further said, “It is also a lie that the heads of local administrations have been disqualified. Relevant departments are working on all issues related to the granting of rights to civil servants.

“The Osun people testify that His Highness’s family has been distributing food to the Osun people regularly for the past decades. A benevolent family with its own person is working hard to expand the tradition of giving as a state policy.

“We therefore assure our Osun people that the Adeleke administration is not a rogue government and will not in any way follow the path of the past. All actions taken so far and to be taken are in line with due process, government regulations and existing laws.”

At the same time, the government inaugurated a committee composed of representatives of the Association of Imams; Christian Union of Nigeria, Traditional Religion, Peoples Democratic Party, All Progressives Congress and pensioners to oversee the distribution of rice to the people of the country.

Rashid’s statement said that 40 bags of rice will be distributed per ward, which was bought at N32,000 per bag.

It further said, “Rice for state distribution was purchased from Egbe Olowo in Osun State at N36,000 per bag, which is lower than the previous government’s similar transaction”.


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