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  • Technology-driven e-learning will continue to reorient itself to market needs.
  • Ed Tech is not a substitute for traditional education. Both must coexist in order to address issues of access and technological inefficiencies in the education system.
  • Ed Tech companies must focus on creating more localized content for the masses so that it can reach remote parts of the country.

Techarc, an emerging technology market research company, hosted a webinar today titled “The Future of Ed Tech.” The one-hour informative webinar discusses the various challenges faced by the Ed Tech sector and its relevance to our education system in the current market scenario.

The session was moderated by Faisal Kavoosa, Principal Analyst at Techarc and featured a distinguished panel of Ed Tech educators and experts. Professor Ayaz Moon, Dean Research, Islamic University of Science and Technology, Mubeen Masudi, Co-Founder Vise Online Teaching, Professor Rishi Bhardwaj, Mahindra University, and Dr Ashwini Kumar Sharma attended the event.

The webinar started with an introduction about Ed Tech Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma. He emphasized the importance of technology in the education system with words, Using the right technological infrastructure and tools should facilitate the correct delivery of knowledge to students”.

We at Techarc believe that this should be practiced in both e-learning and traditional educational institutions in order to provide students with an engaging and personalized learning experience.

Mubeen Masudi, co-founder of Wise Online Learning app, talked about the Ed Tech industry in general. “Ed Tech shouldn’t just be viewed as a pandemic-driven technology,” he said.

Ed Tech is expanding, especially in areas where students have few options. Sharing his views on the development of Ed technology, Faisal Kavoosa, Principal Analyst, Techarc, said, “Technology-driven e-learning will continue to reorient itself according to the needs of the market”.

A webinar hosted by Techarc produced some intriguing results. Professor Ayaz Moon, Dean of Research, Islamic University of Science and Technology, shared his thoughts on the role of educational technology in society. “Ed Tech should not be seen as a substitute for traditional educational institutions,” Moon said. “The idea is to empower the teacher with appropriate technology and rich teaching tools to educate students.”

Professor Rishi Bhardwaj of Mahindra University concluded the session by emphasizing the importance of collective intelligence in technology and content for the Ed Tech sector. He made some valid points about the role of language as a communication tool, emphasizing the importance of the right content and support from government and large corporations in creating an ecosystem for the Ed Tech sector to thrive in today’s world.

Keynote Report – The Future of Edtech – Techarc Webinar


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