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when you are Switch from Windows to Macis a challenge Getting to grips with macOS A way to exit apps. On Windows, you click the red X button in the window to exit most apps. On your Mac, it’s a no-brainer. Red X May Close the application, but it can also simply close the window and leave the application running in the background. But there is an easy way All leave Mac apps when you press the red button.

But first, one thing you should know Windows and macOS handle app-Leaving it different from a processing perspective. macOS is pretty good at managing apps in the background, so you don’t have to worry about running too many apps at once. When you need to quit apps on macOS, you can press Command + Q.

If you can’t get used to it, download it Swift QuitA free app that mimics Windows app-Quitting behavior. After you install Swift Quit on your Mac and grant it the necessary permissions, log out and log in to your Mac. This is a one-time step that help Swift Quit functions correctly.

OTurn off the Swift pen and select it Start Swift Quit automatically. Use the drop down menu on the side Quit apps when Choose whether you want to exit the app when its last window is closed, or if any app window is closed. We recommend you choose The last Windows is closedSo you don’t end up leaving applications after closing just one window.

Finally, you can use + button to add apps don’t He wants to go this way. For example, messaging apps work best when they run in the background. When this is set, yYou can open any application on your Mac and press the red button in the upper left corner of its window to exit the app. Swift Quit works pretty well, and it’s also light on system resources, so you won’t feel pressured to leave Swift Quit between other apps.


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