​The Earfun brand is making the crossing to the Netherlands

A pleasure for the ears: the Earfun brand is now available in the Netherlands. Earfun makes audio products such as earplugs and speakers, but for a small budget. That’s convenient now that life is getting more and more expensive. Moreover, their products score highly in terms of both design and functionality.

Earfun is a Hong Kong company. A young company that started in 2018 with the aim of making cool audio products. The team consists of experienced industrial designers, acoustic engineers and entrepreneurs who want to create new audio devices with the latest technology. For sound quality, it works with Edifier, a Chinese company known for its high-quality audio, and QuietSmart: an intelligent noise reduction solution.


QuietSmart works as follows. Multiple microphones are used on the earbuds that listen to both the ambient sounds and your voice. Thanks to the QuietSmart algorithm, the incoming signals are analyzed and, in the case of ambient noise, filtered out. Earfun says the algorithm analyzes sound in and outside the ear cavity, allowing it to fill in missing sound frequencies. By analyzing the acoustic characteristics between the driver and the sound in the ears at a rate of 400 times per second, good noise reduction is achieved.

Earfun is not yet a well-known name in the Netherlands, but that may well change. The brand knows how to make earplugs for a very competitive price that perform very well in terms of price-quality ratio. Earfun Air even won awards with it: not bad for earplugs that cost 55 euros. There are few competitors who manage to get as much sound and quality in an earplug as Airfun has succeeded with Air. They are even waterproof, so you can end up in a good rain shower and still keep listening. There is even a voice assistant built in and there is Bluetooth 5.0 support. You would think that you would probably compromise on the battery life, but it is 35 hours using the charged charging case, which also have significantly more expensive earbuds.

Nicely priced products

These earbuds are not the only thing the brand brings: it also comes with other earbuds, namely Air Mini, Air Pro, Air Pro 2, Air Pro SV, Air S, Free 2, Free Mini, Free Pro and Free Pro 2. are all earplugs that fall below the price point of 100 euros. Interesting, because earplugs that are a bit cheaper are usually quite bad and there are still few brands that really excel in this. Moreover, it does not stop with earplugs alone: ​​the company also makes a wireless charger and two Bluetooth speakers, namely UBOOM and UBOOM L.

At first glance, the design of Earfun products is not very different from other products in their category, but of course you won’t win a design award for nothing. The Earfun Air earplugs are praised for their round, smooth shapes that are so well thought out that it is easy to wear the earplugs all day long. The design award for the earplugs was already awarded in 2020.

However, the brand has even more award-winning products, although this specific item is not available in that size in the Netherlands: Earfun UBOOM XL. This won a design award partly due to its smart design: the two sides are made of rubber to survive a fall and the woven texture of the speaker itself can withstand scratches, making it more durable and suitable for outdoor use. In addition, of course, his ability also counts and this XL can produce a considerable amount of noise.


What can be appreciated about this young brand is that it looks at what makes a product really important. It has not chosen a hugely experimental design for its products, but looked at what is already there and improved it. It looks at exactly what people are looking for in earbuds. Do they have to be in the shape of a lipstick? Earfun clearly thinks not: that is mainly focused on what customers want from earplugs. They should not break easily and last a long time (also in terms of battery life), plus be able to participate in the modern world (with the addition of a voice assistant) and finally, of course, give a good sound.

Their products may not be extremely striking and flashy: they are all black and that’s it: the company itself is. Earfun knows how to stand out by having the basics in order and we are therefore curious what the company is planning next. But of course also what it will do in the Netherlands, especially in a period when, on average, things are not going so well financially. When it comes to gadgets, people will rather opt for a good price/quality ratio and this brand is committed to this. The Hong Kong company therefore seems to have quite a Dutch touch.

Earfun products are for sale at Shopaudio.nl.

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