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The company’s CEO Björn Gubels claims that the block stores CO2 and can help promote a circular economy.

“There are all kinds of stacking blocks on the market, and they all look very similar, however, Masterblock is different from other stacking blocks. We return to the days when stacking blocks were child’s play. In fact, that’s the principle we Apply in the real world,” Masterblock says on its website, hinting at the unique nature of the product.

The company has ambitious plans to rapidly expand production of construction materials in the coming years. The new production process will be presented to the Flemish minister Zuhl Demir in December.

The technology for the masterblock has been developed by Genk-based recycling company Orbix, which has been processing steel slag from stainless steel producer Epram since 1996.

research and development

It all started in 2004, when Dirk van Mechelen, research and development manager at Orbix, discovered that steel slag residue was hardening after being exposed to CO2. Working with researchers from the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), the technology was further developed in 2011, resulting in the “crabstone” process.

The company says the carbon-eating blocks swallow eight tons of CO2 a day

A construction site with Masterblock material.

“Carbstone has many advantages,” said Serge Selis, CEO of Orbix. Brussels Times,

“Thanks to CarbStone, we convert metal slag into a high-quality circular product and, since CO2 is used as a binder, we avoid using cement, which accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions. “

Better yet, MasterBlock blocks have the same properties as conventional blocks making the technology increasingly popular with those seeking to reduce their CO2 emissions. Furthermore, by using CO2 as a binder, construction companies are no longer dependent on cement prices.


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