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Next was Lorraine Kelly, ISS Global Investment Coordinator: “None of them (Texas pension funds) use our benchmark policy. They just want another perspective. And we’re actively involved with TRS (Teacher. Retirement System) in policy discussions that focus on G — and Not E and S – as standard provision in ISS.

State Street Global Advisors Global Chief Investment Officer Lori Heinel further stated that the firm only serves the needs of clients, not their preferences. Investors can invest in fossil fuels whether they want to or not, and we have. Oil & Gas ETFs

State Street companies score by understanding risks, and “not telling companies what to do, but just informing them of climate-related risks,” she says.

The ISS has no bias or agenda, although one senator, Paul Bettencourt, said he was “immediately dismissing the ISS for not knowing the obvious.”

“The ISS recommendations are prime evidence that we have an agenda to move away from fossil fuels,” Mr Bettencourt said.

Mr. Bettencourt asked if ISS would vote on directors as a whole if the company did not implement greenhouse emission targets. How is that policy agnostic? Ladies, I encourage you to reconsider your position,” Mr. Bettencourt told firm representatives at the company. Room.


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