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Unless you’re a PC gamer, you most likely want to hide your desktop PC’s tall chassis from sight. Either that or you’ve opted for more recent desktops adopting modern, sometimes minimalist designs that you’ll actually want to feature on your desk. Of course, people’s tastes differ, and some computer users may not be impressed by the sleek and polished bodies of these beautiful towers. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck between shiny and bare with this new version of Teenage Engineering’s unique and head-turning computer case, designed to be simple yet expressive, now with an almost brutal character Which makes it feel like a post. The apocalyptic computer of the future.

Designer: Kishore Engineering

Teenage engineering designs have always been notable for their unconventional nature and artistic personalities. Almost like a teenager, there’s a certain rebellion to its products, going against the status quo and thinking outside the box. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Computer-1 Desktop PC Case which is like a nod to the days when computer users had to assemble every PC part in their garages or rooms.

The case of the Computer-1 is not distinctive only because of its pure orange RAL 2004 powder-coated finish, which is definitely the most unexpected color for a desktop PC. Its claim to fame is that, unlike a chassis you’d buy from a computer store, it has to be assembled before a Mini ITX motherboard and other components can be crammed in. Flat-packed as sheets of metal with few other parts, this makes the Computer-1 more efficient to build and ship, not to mention give owners a little thrill in piecing everything together.

Teenage Engineering is now offering this unique computer case in a new color, with a more “normal” raw anodized aluminum finish. It’s not as flashy as the Apple Mac Pro, and it really emphasizes that raw look. On one hand, the overall design looks like something you might have fabricated yourself due to the paucity of available materials. On the other hand, that unfinished look gives it a unique personality, like a computer that’s built to be able to rough it, no matter how much weight you throw at it.

In all other aspects, it is exactly the same Computer-1 case that the brand launched a while ago, which means it has the same space-saving footprint and accessible price tag. And, of course, that means you’ll also have to do that nerve-wracking bending step when putting it together, but that’s part of much of the appeal of this quirky desktop PC box.


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