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Trane Technologies is funding two engineering scholarships for women pursuing degrees at ATU. Each costing €24,000 over four years.

More female engineers in Ireland are expected to benefit from a collaboration between Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Trane Technologies and Teen Tern.

A trio of organizations are coming together to run a scholarship aimed at women pursuing engineering courses at ATU.

Industrial manufacturing company Trane Technologies has a site in Galway under its subsidiary ThermoKing which is located close to ARU’s campus just outside the city.

Trane Technologies has committed to fund two four-year STEM Career Pathway Scholarships each year. The scheme began in September 2022, with the first beneficiaries having already almost completed the first half of the academic year.

Preference is given to applicants who are already participating in some of the education and outreach activities that Teen Turn conducts for young women and girls across the country. Preference is also being given to students from disadvantaged and under-represented socioeconomic backgrounds.

Each scholarship is valued at €24,000 with €6,000 awarded on an annual basis as the student progresses through their education over four years.

Shannon is one of the first recipients of the Ella Hastie Scholarship from Co Clare. He started engineering at ATU earlier this year and is almost halfway through his first year.

Ella Hasty, a young woman, pictured in front of a building with the ATU logo on it.

Ella Hasty, engineering student at ATU. Image: Teen Tern

“I am really enjoying the course and having this scholarship has made it easier for me to focus on my studies without worrying about the rising cost of third level study,” she said.

Gail Quinn, HR leader at Trane Technologies, said the scholarship aims to “create greater female representation in STEM-related careers”.

Teen-tern participants who are completing their Leaving Certificate in the coming months are being encouraged to put on their CAO STEM courses at ATU in order to be considered for the Tran Technologies Scholarship Program in 2023.

More information about the scholarship is available on Teen Turn’s website.

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