​Tech shoe gifts for less than 10 euros

Sinterklaas has arrived again: despite the drama with the parcel boat that sank to the bottom of the water like a true Titanic, the saintly man managed to get ashore safely with his horse. Before the Christmas Eve is on December 5, many children first hope that the good Saint will put something in their shoe. These tech shoe gifts under $10 are fun for kids big and small.


Now that wired earplugs are back, this is certainly a nice gift for children who like to listen to music, or big children who like to make phone calls in the car. The advantage of this type of earplug is that you don’t have to charge it and can therefore use it immediately: although you do need a device with a 3.5mm port (or an adapter cable with a USB-C end). You already have earplugs from Sony or Philips for less than 10 euros.

pop socket

Popsockets come in all kinds of designs and you can therefore find one that suits someone perfectly. With a Popsocket you can hold your phone a bit easier and many people play with the thing by constantly pulling it out and clicking it back against the phone. Plus, because you can have all kinds of pictures printed on it (or buy them pre-printed), it’s also a way to make a phone more personal or recognizable.

AirPods cleaning set

Maybe your child already has good earplugs and those wired earplugs from above are not a good idea. With an AirPods cleaning set you can remove the necessary dirt from the ear once again. You can of course also use this on other earbuds, because there are plenty of brands that make AirPods-like earbuds.

Smart bulb in multicolor

The smart home craze is now also becoming better known to children and how nice is it to give them their own smart home gadget? By buying a smart lamp in multicolor, they can set the color of the lamp in their own room. For example, they can do green if you can come in, but red if they want to be alone for a while. Or just adjust the lamp to what they think suits their room, of course. The advantage of a cheap smart lamp in multicolor is that there is often no need for a smart home hub (for example with that of the Action) and that they are installed within a minute.

wireless charger

There’s not a lot of choice in the price segment under $10, but you can certainly find wireless chargers for your phone for that amount. Note that the receiver does have a phone (or earbuds) that can charge with Qi technology, otherwise it makes no sense. It’s a nice gadget to have and that saves your USB-C port a bit, besides that people usually don’t buy these kinds of things for themselves because they already have a regular charger.

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