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The CEO of India’s fifth-largest IT services company, Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani, has spoken out in favor of helping out. The issue that has rocked the IT industry for the past few months has finally received support from Tech Mahindra, at a time when TCS and Wipro have said “no double time”.

According to a PTI report, a senior official said that Tech Mahindra is a digital company and not a legacy one. So it makes him support side hustles or moonlighting. The official also expressed reluctance to comment on the position of the job-for-job competition.

The report adds to CP Gurnani’s comment made to reporters mentioning that the Mahindra Group is yet to come up with a policy on work performance. Since the company operates in over 90 countries, it must comply with local laws while creating policies that support sideshows.

Over the past few months, the work-related feud has left people completely divided as some have favored the idea of ​​having more than one job, while others have decried it as cheating. So far, IT giants Wipro, TCS and IBM have made their stance on work clear and warned employees against side gigs.

The PTI report added that Gurnani also said that the company expects its employees to come forward and disclose their side gigs, i.e. whether they are employed by another company. This is important because key aspects such as ethics, values ​​and transparency should not be compromised, according to the report.

“As a CEO, I’m happy if someone is productive… All I’m saying is take a permit and tell us what you’re working on.” It also helps him or her,” Gurnani said in the report.

However, the CEO reportedly clarified that currently the company does not have a policy that allows for month-to-month work or allows its employees to take on two jobs without prior permission.


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