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Sunrise Star Sam Mack wowed his followers on social media after he showed off the results of his impressive DIY backyard transformation.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the beloved TV meteorologist shared a video highlighting each step of the landscaping process along with her hilarious commentary.

Sam Mack's backyard before the transformation.

Sam Mack reveals the results of his DIY backyard transformation. Photos: Instagram/sammacinsta

The video opens with a long shot of Sam’s backyard, which is filled with bricks, plaster walls, trash, and even a toilet sitting in the middle.

“Our backyard was a disgrace, so we fired this guy, the worst tradition in Sydney,” he says, taking a swipe at his friend and Nova host Ryan Fitzgerald.

Sam then picks up his girlfriend, Rebecca James’ father, Phil, who has brought an impressive collection of tools compared to Sam’s small IKEA tool kit, and the pair head to Bunnings.


“After 37 trips to Banning, we got everything we needed, so I’m starting to make too much noise,” he continues. “It’s my age-old strategy to make myself look more productive than I really am. It never fails!”

The dancing with the stars The contestant then posts the finished result, showing off a perfectly manicured lawn, a tiled entertainment unit and lots of potted plants.

“Our backyard was now a Mac-yard,” he notes. “Lush lawns, an abundance of plants and flowers that were actually alive – during filming.

“The champagne was cold and the barbie was sizzling, we were finally ready to party!” He added before Rebecca walked out holding their daughter Margo.

“Wow, hang on, Margo is sleeping. Cancel guests!” He’s joking.

Sam Mack's backyard after the transformation.

Sam’s followers called the end result “unbelievable” and “fantastic”. Photos: Instagram/sammacinsta


Sam’s followers were quick to comment on her post to applaud her work, with one person calling her “magnificent”.

“Fragile work!” Another added, while a third said, “Damn, that’s Magyar.”

“Huge transformation,” another commented, followed by others who said the backyard looked “incredible”, “fantastic” and “amazing”.

A fan also praised her voice, writing, “Your newsreader voice never gets old…even when you get old, it never gets old.”

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