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Rising fees in government engineering colleges in Karnataka has worried students, who on December 22 protested against the hike at Freedom Park in Bengaluru, demanding its cancellation.

The protest organized by Adso (All India Democratic Students Organisation) started around 10 am. “More than 100 engineering students participated in it,” said Adso Office Secretary Sithara HM. Addressing the gathering, Adso’s Bengaluru district president Abhay Diwakar expressed his displeasure, saying, “The government, which was supposed to provide free education to all, has gone into business,” as per a press release shared by the organization has been mentioned.

Sithara pointed out that recently a fee hike of Rs 6,000 was announced for all government colleges across the state. “Last year, the fee was hiked by Rs 10,000. This means we have seen a hike of Rs 16,000 in the last two years. It is like looting money from students,” she said.

He said that the students chose government engineering colleges because of the comparatively low fees. “Most of the students in government colleges are from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds. The continued hike in fees will be highly problematic for them. If this continues, meritorious students from such backgrounds will be deprived of quality education.” the secretary said.

Shashank, a student of Government Sri Krishna Rajendra Silver Jubilee Technological Institute (SKSJTI), Bengaluru, agrees. “Our parents are also worried about it. We are paying tax on everything, so we expect subsidized education. But instead we have to face steeply rising fees,” he said.

“Now, the first year fee is Rs 38,000. Last year, it was Rs 33,000. If we go back to the last two years, the fee was Rs 28,000. And the year before that, my seniors used to pay only Rs 18,000. ,” she added.

Adso has demanded that education in government colleges should be made free. On the other hand, the students are agitated. They say that if the rising prices are not stopped, they will agitate again.


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