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With both NVIDIA and AMD fully unveiling their next-generation GPUs, PC gamers can finally make solid plans for upgrades. Although the best video cards of the past are still capable, we know that many people will not hesitate when the latest technology comes out. In the meantime, LG has introduced two UltraGear OLED gaming monitors to take advantage of your device’s capabilities.

To get the best experience from the best graphics cards, you’ll need a display with all the bells and whistles. For the most vivid colors and exciting photos, South Korea’s technology group allows you to prepare the best. UltraGear OLED is the “world’s first” 240Hz gaming-grade panel.

Not only is the refresh rate very fast, but the 0.3ms response time is another great feature. LG introduces a 27-inch curved display with QHD resolution and a 45-inch curved display with WQHD resolution. Depending on the setup you choose, there’s a version to suit any type of gaming setup.

In terms of color accuracy, these two have 98.5% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. Both UltraGear OLED models feature low-reflection and anti-glare coatings to reduce visual distractions during gaming. It also supports AMD Freesync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies.

Die-hard gamers who demand only the best performance shouldn’t like any stuttering or screen tearing. Like other gaming monitors, LG doesn’t equip the UltraGear OLED with speakers. However, there is a four-pin headphone jack for delivering 3D audio via DTS Headphone:X technology, which reproduces the spatial sound of supported headphones.

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