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Apple’s latest macOS updates are reportedly causing Wi-Fi connectivity issues for some M1 and M2 MacBook users. Internet connectivity issues are slower than expected, causing video calling and other issues. Some users are also experiencing a complete drop in Wi-Fi connectivity.

The M1 and M2 Macs are experiencing Wi-Fi issues for some users

Meter, a company that manages Wi-Fi installations for businesses, recently published a blog post explaining the issue. The company has reportedly seen these problems for its customers, as have other similar wireless vendors. These companies have filed reports with Apple and this is a “known issue on Apple’s end.”

“Although these problems can be manifested in different ways, the basic problem is the same: bandwidth and speed are reduced, devices randomly disconnect and cannot connect to the network,” explains Meter.

UCLA IT Services, for example, tracks issues through its service status dashboard. According to the university’s IT team, the upcoming release of macOS 13.1 (which could be released this week) is expected to include fixes for the issues. It appears that UCLA worked closely with Apple engineers to test and eventually resolve this issue.

Apple has promoted the latest macOS beta as a release candidate that addresses a peer-to-peer issue affecting Wi-Fi connectivity for Apple MacBook M1/M2 devices and Apple Mobiles devices. All testing with both the beta and release candidate was positive, and IT Services, Apple, and other campus units were unable to replicate the issue. We will provide another update as soon as we are notified of the official release of macOS 13.1.

Apple also advised Meter, UCLA and other vendors to make a temporary fix. The initial problem appears to be caused by the “Apple Wireless Direct Link” interface that helps power features like AirDrop and AirPlay:

As an interim solution to improve WiFi connectivity, Apple recommends disabling the AWDL interface (this disables AirDrop/AirPlay). There are a couple of ways to do this – either using a terminal app and running a script or through the UI (provided below). We have now implemented this intervention with several users who have seen improved WiFi performance.

It’s unclear how common these issues really are. Most of the reports seem to come from users connected to Wi-Fi networks managed by enterprise or education teams. Often, these types of Wi-Fi networks have different security and management controls, which can sometimes cause unique problems that don’t affect other users.

Are you experiencing these Wi-Fi connection issues on your M1 or M2 Mac? Let us know in the comments below.

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