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SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) has recently completed the manufacture of a vapor recovery unit compressor, model TS3-1, which will be installed on the Firenze FPSO, a motor vessel owned by Eni. It is a type of vessel used for offshore oil production processing, which requires the conditioning and storage of hydrocarbons in locations far from the coast that cannot be reached by pipelines.

The compressor, supplied to Saipem, a leading engineering and construction services provider with specific expertise in the design and execution of large scale offshore and onshore projects, compresses hydrocarbons with slight traces of hydrogen sulfide (H).2s).

Due to the FPSO’s special installation conditions and tight spaces, its design required a very high degree of customization. SIAD MI’s engineers had to adopt ad-hoc solutions, ensuring careful selection of materials and paints suitable for the marine environment, among other things. In addition, to make the package even more compact and to cope with installation in a hazardous area, a pressurized electrical cabinet was mounted on the compressor base.

Despite the technical complexity of the order, the project was completed in record time: in fact, less than seven months elapsed from the ordering to the completion of the compressor, and the contract date set for its delivery was exceeded by one was brought forward. month; An even more remarkable achievement if one considers that within this time frame, the machine also successfully passed the supervision test by a third party body, which issued a certification of suitability for the purpose of supply in marine environments.

To ensure optimal customer experience and ongoing support, SIAD MI engineers will not only follow the manufacturing and delivery phases of the compressor, but will also supervise its installation inside the vessel.

On the ship, which is currently being refurbished – after more than 10 years of service in Italy (in the Aquila region) it will operate in Africa off the Ivory Coast – since 2010 already five other SIAD MI compressors completely are on. The Global Service Division is currently carrying out refurbishment interventions on 4 of these 5 compression units which specifically relate to:

  • A stripping fuel gas booster compressor package is used to increase the operating pressure of certain atmospheric gaseous streams, enabling them to be reused as the main fuel gas source.
  • Fuel gas compressor package used for fuel gas compression to send compressed gas to turbine.

This intervention, which includes, inter alia, the refurbishment of valves, cylinders and pipes, as well as re-calibration of the equipment, will be completed by March 2023.

In addition to refurbishment activities, the Global Service Division is tasked with repairing units, in precise response to customer’s new production requirements.

This order is an important project for SIAD MI as it strengthens its position in the offshore oil extraction sector in a particularly important way.

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