Shares of India’s first mutual fund company rose 10% in today’s trade! | Jobs Vox


Shares of this company rose more than 10 percent after media reports that Tata Group is in final negotiations to buy a majority stake in this company from the state-owned company.

Tata it has Received A By purchasing-principle from International Investment Management Firm T Rowe Price group, other Main Investor in AMC T Rowe Price group He owns it. approx 23 percent.

Tata Desire in to get UTI AMC This August. if so of Agreement He goes in the future And Tata AMC And UTI AMC integration, of Combined Company will do to become of India fourth The biggest Wealth Administrator.

UTI Property Management Company used to included as a UTI Property Management Company Personal certain, A Certain Accountability Company root of Companies Law In 1956 later that, as if A Special Solving of of General Meeting of shareholders on September 18, In 2007 We It has changed of Organization to the A public Certain company, It has changed of Company Name to the “UTI Property Management Company certain”, And It was created A brand new Articles of inclusion on November 14th. In 2007 He used to where given as if Rock.

The stock opened at Rs 799.25 and touched an intraday high of Rs 908.00. The stock’s 52-week high was Rs 1,109.35, while the stock touched its 52-week low at Rs 595.00. Currently, the market value of the company is Rs 10,922. The scrips closed at Rs 848.00 on Monday.


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