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Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) V.K. Saxena expressed dismay at the Delhi government’s delay in issuing an order on measures to reduce pollution in the capital.

Saxena termed the chief secretary’s delay in issuing orders to curb air pollution as gross negligence.

“The disruption in the work of the Delhi government is due to environment minister Gopal Rai’s failure to clear the file related to such an order for about a month,” the LG said.

The Chief Secretary sent the Supreme Court’s November 2019 order and Air Quality Management Commission (AAQM) August 5, 2022 order to Rai on October 22 for approval.

On November 17, the case was returned to the chief secretary without any explanation from the minister. According to the established norms, the relevant minister should be approached before the file is approved by the Central Government. After a delay of almost a month, that file was sent to the LG by the Chief Secretary.

Approving the file, the LG expressed dismay at the Delhi government’s serious indifference to public concerns.

The Chief Secretary’s order has assigned various departments the responsibility and responsibilities of implementing measures such as managing construction and demolition waste, reducing dust and water pollution, repairing roads, stopping factories in non-compliant areas, and banning open burning of biomass. enforcement of solid waste and pollution control certificates.

It is worth noting that at the height of air pollution in the capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called it a “North India” problem and urged the Center to intervene.

However, he did not mention the measures taken by his government in the capital to reduce the population calamity.

Countering the allegation, the Delhi government said Chief Minister Kejriwal had launched a 15-point action plan to check air pollution in the capital during winter. However, the air quality level of the capital is still in the “dangerous” category.

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