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“These go all the way to 11,” says lead guitarist Nigel Tufnell of his specially modified guitar amps in a musical mockumentary. This is a back tap. And setting up today’s flagship PC is probably too complicated.

Mac Studio, dual studio displays and an array of killer audio gear in the basement of a home owned by the New York based rocker. See details on his chest cooling device, below.

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Mac Studio and dual studio monitors form the nerve center of the music studio

Musician, video editor, and Redditor frankjunior demonstrated the complex setup in a post titled, “My Mac Studio Max was set up with dual studio monitors. (home studio).

We say “hard-rockin'” because Frank Jr. is none other than Frank Jr. Guertin, the lead guitarist for the Long Island, New York-based rock band Craving Strange.

before understanding that We were going to guess that the owner of this rig played metal, judging by the array of solid-body electric guitars — Schecter included — plus Line 6 Helix guitar pedalboards on the floor under the table. We were not far.

On their website, the band described their brand of “original rock and roll”:

No, we didn’t invent a brand new unheard of style, but it’s our own Foo Fighter, Cheap Trick, Green Day kind of aggressive, honest, hard rock. You know, cool guitars, catchy hooks, catchy lyrics and grooves and an attitude that (if we can be honest) is kind of missing from today’s “rock”. And we really do live.

Mac Studio and dual studio screens in the basement

Guertin based his home music studio around the base model Mac Studio with the M1 Max chip. It drives two 27-inch studio screens.

Dual studio displays aren’t all that common – think about the expense of buying one, never mind two – although we did see a few examples in Setups.

“This is a bit of a forward-thinking question, and I’m sorry: I can’t stand the idea of ​​covering a single studio show,” asked a commenter. “How did you wrap your head around two?”

“I sold the family home and went bananas over this studio,” Guertin replied. “Why did I buy two Mac Studio monitors? for editing Star Wars in style lol haha ​​just kidding. I wanted my pile shape. I know it’s illogical to most, but it’s a pretty big reason. I use my home studio to record my music, record my bands music, edit videos, etc. Eventually I want to record other musicians as well.”

Another commenter decided it was worth going the Guerrilla route to support dual screens.

“I have two near my studio,” they told him. “I’ve been running dual 5K displays for eight years, and this is a working setup (not just for casual use), so it made sense to me.”

And check out the plus-size Siccoo LED double desk lamp that arches over the screens. This is not a typical monitor light as it is not attached to the monitors. It is mounted on the back of the table and arches on top.

“I picked this light up on Amazon,” Guertin said. “It’s perfect.”

Hardcore music-studio talk

A better view of the table shows the base Mac Studio and Studio Displays in all their glory.
A better view of the desk shows the base model Mac Studio and Studio Displays in all their glory.
Photo: [email protected]

The commenter, who sounded like someone with a lot of experience in the music studio, tossed his gear and extolled “basements with drop ceilings” as “the best place for a Marshall 100 watt head under a cabinet (I bought a Mesa engineering amp three years ago. And OMG……it can rattle structures – Khukhil).

This led to Guertin’s answer, which nicely sums up his audio gear (also see the gear list with links below):

I have 2 Line 6 Helix floorboards. 1 for live and 1 for studio. I use a Head Rush 2000 watt monitor as my main source guitar monitor when I play live and directly into my home PA. I have two 10″ JBL monitors with a 10″ subwoofer for my Mac computer. I use an Apollo x Twin legacy as my audio interface, which is awesome. Except for the price 😆 but it’s worth it. Absolutely 0 latency. But you’re right, a Mesa or Marshall amp in a 4×12 would totally rock the roof in my house. But it’s cool because it’s just me and my son haha.

Here's how it looks with maximum mood lighting.
Here’s what the setup looks like with maximum mood lighting. We wonder what the bucket is for.
Photo: [email protected]

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