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The second-year quarterback could use some solid games to finish the season.

Ethan Miller

Patriots quarterback Mack Jones reacts after a penalty on offense in the first half against the Raiders.

With Cincinnati, Buffalo and Miami remaining on the schedule, Mack Jones and the Patriots have a chance to test themselves against playoff-caliber teams in the final three games of the regular season.

These games may be more important than people think in determining Mack Jones’ future with the Radio Patriots Scott Zolak of 98.5 Sports Hub said.

“If he doesn’t [play well] “Then it’s about next year being the third year and we have to start making a decision at quarterback, maybe we should start now,” Zolak said.

Zolak laid out the criteria for what he thinks will be successful performances for Jones in the future.

“Protect the football, shoot about 70 percent, 65-70 percent, two touchdowns, no picks on every play. It would be great for him,” Zolak said.

Zolak said if Jones doesn’t show enough improvement, he may need some tough questions.

“Whenever [they] Close that door and they’re going into their season-ending meet,” Zolak said. “And they start each individual position [it’s like] “Hell, there was one game where we would have been if he had made one play in the fourth quarter, one play on the last two drives.” You know, there will be moments that they will think about.

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“It’s not good enough. I’m not saying this in real time. I’m just saying if he goes bad here in the next three games, yeah, they’re going to question him.”

Zolak said if Jimmy Garoppolo were available, he would prefer Jones to have Garoppolo.

Jones completed 13 of 31 pass attempts for 112 yards and no touchdowns against Las Vegas on Sunday.

“Do you really want a three-game skid and a bad performance this season by a quarterback? Because that will be the topic,” Zolak said.


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